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viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2019

"La Chola Power", a Peruvian super-hero kicking off corruption and evildoers

In a phone interview with "Boceto Media", Martin Espinoza tells us about the new era of latino comics with his character of "La Chola Power" to inspire, empower, and end inequality in Peru, and the world.

Martin Espinoza is a Peruvian urban author who has been awarded and recognized throughout Latin America for his comic character "La Chola Power," an Inca superheroine. He is a champion of Peruvian pop culture who is proud of his heritage and to be part of the Hispanic revolutionary artistic wave. Martin highlights the Andean pride and the importance of cultivating the vision, creativity, and enthusiasm of new comic writers to influence the new generations of Hispanics to embrace the diversity of our culture.

The 45-year-old author is a publicist-illustrator with a long experience in the Peruvian advertising industry. His enthusiasm to keep growing on his career has led him to inspire thousands of young Hispanic authors in a culture that feeds creativity. In 2019 “La Chola Power” scripts are in charge of Renato Gago, partner of Med Comics-Peru.

Originally from Piura-Peru, Martin was always inspired in drawing and dreamed that when he grew up, he will have his own marketing firm. He decided to go to college to study advertisement design to pursue his dreams in becoming someone that will rewrite Peruvian history in a new level. 

“Drawing was something that I have always been passionate about and that's what I do for a living. Through my company, I give illustration services to different advertising agencies, newspapers and other clients, but I always focus on drawing”.

In 2008, Martin had the opportunity of his life when a local newspaper in Lima announced a contest calling new comic authors to participate with their characters. Martin put all his talent and dedication in the contest, which resulted in his character's first victory.  It was then when he felt inspired to continue developing "La Chola Power" to start his own publicist firm in 2009.  

Peru 21 (newspaper) held a contest looking for  Peruvian superheroes. I participated with my creation of  “La Chola Power”, and I won. In 2009, I founded Med Comic, which is an independent label. Then, I started inviting new authors so they can present their comics, and that’s how we started creating a whole universe based on Peruvian characters.

With the birth of "La Chola Power", Martin gives to Peru a new cultural identity that brings alive the pride of a millenary culture, as well giving empowerment to Peruvian women who in many instances continue suffering oppression and inequality in a country that is giving small steps to evolve to the 21 century to leave behind the footprints of the inherited colonial chauvinism.  

 “La Chola Power” has been around for 11 years. Her character has allowed me to develop a new image representing the strength, courage, and temperament of Peruvian women. My wish is that through her character we can vindicate Peruvian women’s identity and their contribution to our history and society.  Through "La Chola Power", we can talk about Peruvian culture, its origins, and legends that leads us to influence the mentality of new generations about the Andean cosmo-vision.

Inspired by the Inca warriors, Martin creates "La Chola Power" identity, bringing up the origins of millenary legends with a new modern urban twist so that today’s generations can feel connected with his character, and to wake up the intellect of the new era of peruvian comic creators. 

La Chola Power" is the daughter of the “Sun” god. Her name is Elisa, and one of her superpowers is immortality. She is a semi-goddess and has lived through different stages of Peruvian history. In the comic, the press gives her the nickname of "La Chola Power.

A mix of mystery goes around "La Chola Power", but so far what we know is that she is from Andahuaylas, a city located in the southern part of Peru in the province of Apurimac. Since Peruvian legends are deeply rooted in the millenary history of the Incas, "La Chola Power’s" life would be boring without the presence of evil and corrupted villains. What makes this comic interesting, is that not only that evildoers from the past came up to life, but also the deadly and bloody corrupters of today’s political times of Peru. 

She is from Andahuaylas - Peru, but if we go back to the past, obviously the names of the towns are different, but everything is based on the Inca culture. Within the story, there are also villainous characters that are based on "El Ekeko", "La Jarjacha" who are characters from the underworld, "The Andean Demon" which is also part of the stories and so we create a whole universe through those adventures. In the comics, there is a lot about Peruvian daily living, and things that are impacting our country.

Through his work, Martin has been able to travel many Latino countries taking the adventures and culture of "La Chola Power" to thousands of readers and pop culture lovers who not only embrace Peruvian history but also the courage and determination that this character brings to today’s critical political upheaval in Hispanic countries. 

For 11 years “La Chola Power” has been present in Peru, and Latin America. The character has been well received by many. We have had invitations to events in Ecuador, Chile. Presentations and conferences in Argentina. Recently, Sandra Bernal, who is a Peruvian researcher who lives in the United States, used "La Chola Power" as a reference to put together her entire conference and talk about Peruvian women and their contribution to our history.

But Latin-America is not the only place where "La Chola Power" wants to prevent evil. Martin has bigger plans for his character and that is to bring her to the core of all comics, The United States. Soon, "La Chola Power" will take over the new era of comics, summing to the new generation of young talented Hispanic comic writers. Martin has big dreams and is willing to accept proposals or ideas of companies or organizations that will allow "La Chola Power" to continue inspiring and teaching the value of Hispanic culture as well as sending a positive message of peace and justice.  

One of my first goals was to position the character in Peru and South America, and little by little give her strength to introduce her to the United States which is the forte of comics. I would like my character to continue growing. Here in Peru, we have had a lot of press support, the character has been accepted. About 60% of our readers are women because they feel identified with the character, and that is what I wanted to achieve, that everyone feels proud of who we are and our origins.

Since many American comic characters have been born in New York, Martin wants to introduce “La Chola Power” to the readers of the “Big Apple”; nevertheless passing by Connecticut to connect with one of the biggest Peruvian public in the New England states, and revitalize the  pride of the Inca culture in Uncle’s Sam land. He is willing to accept any interested organization to promote urban literature and bring the potential of new pop artist to the spotlight 

Of course, I would love to! That is one of my goals, and thanks for this interview. Many people will be able to read and learn more about "La Chola Power" and to me, it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to visit and talk about my character.

Any organization or business interested in pop culture and history can contact Martin Espinoza through his website or social media platforms. 

There’s a lot of information about “La Chola Power” on the internet. We also have Facebook and Instagram platforms. We have had many interviews, and people can visit our website https://www.medcomicsperu.com

The connection that "La Chola Power" is making through all the countries she visits, allows her to continue with her work of equality and justice for all. Martin sends a message to everyone to read and engage with his character, and also to get to know the villains in the comics. Although they are evil, they are also fun to read.  

I would say that I want you to read  "La Chola Power". They have to know that we have Peruvian superheroes who’s been in the market for 11 years. For us, it would be a great pleasure to visit the United States to be able to share this comic, and other characters such as "Chincha", "Huaco", "Tunqui" among others who are in that same universe, and that represents us. They need to know that Peru also has quality comics that deserve to be appreciated.

In appreciation for this interview, Martin thanks Boceto Media for the opportunity and wish us good luck!

A big hug! Much success to you and everything you're doing in the US.

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