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viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2019

A frosty celebration at the Connecticut Old State House

CT state troubadour, Nekita Waller

The Connecticut Old State House celebrated its 2019 winter party on Thursday, Dec. 12, to promote community participation and to spread the culture and history in the Capital city. Boceto Media and members of the community attended the event, including children who had the opportunity to dance and take pictures with Chew Chew, the Hartford Yard Goat’s mascot.

The magical part of the night was thanks to the melodious voice of Nekita Waller, and her band, who made all the attendees dance on the holiday’s festivities.

Famous authors Susan Campbell, and Diane Smith were present to share times with their fans and to sign their most recent books, “Frog Hollow” (Susan), and "A Connecticut Christmas" (Diane).
Susan Campbell
The newly elected kid governor Myra Stanfield spent time with the visitors and was hands-on in her job as a new political leader, as well as posing for pictures with her constituents. 

Kid governor, Myra Stanfield
All other attractions at the museum were available to the public, and a guide was provided at all times. The people enjoyed the evening of celebrations and learned about the fascinating Connecticut history.

Executive director Sally Whipple welcomed the community and expressed her happiness to all the attendees. 

Sally Whipple and her husband
The event was made possible in partnership with CT Network.
William A. Bevacqua

Paul Skaff

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